Stars Road To Thrive

Hi Dale,

I agree, there is NO trickery whatsoever. Not sure about the fairy dust, though, it is amazing how he thrives (literally!) on your feed!  My 24 year old mare is getting it too, and is sleek flanked, shedding earlier than usual (a sign of good  metabolism in her), and has more energy than any 24 year old should have. She will continue on the Thrive through the season, and probably either until she dies or I run out of my supply.

I hope to convince a feed store or nearby company to carry it. This stuff is awesome.

Star eats as much as he wants, which is less now that he is healthier, but still about 10 to 15 pounds a day. In 6 weeks he has gone from the pathetic,weak rescue horse to a vibrant member of the herd. Although he is getting a huge number of calories, he is not like a toddler on a sugar buzz (which I have seen on a large sweet feed load), but a mannerly gentleman regaining his health. As he regains his weight, he will no longer need the amount of Thrive he gets now, but I have to tell you this feed saved his life.  Refeeding a starved horse in the middle of a long, cold Iowa winter seemed too daunting, but Thrive made it not only do-able, but successful!

I have attached a few photos, you can see the steady improvement. He started on the Thrive February 11th. Amazing how quickly he regained so much muscle.