Simon’s Incredible Recovery

Simon December 2010

Three years old, near death, too weak to stand, waiting to die, his life about to change for the better.

From the Humane Society of North Texas. Simon, delivered to their shelter by the Fort Worth Sheriffs Department after being found too weak to walk. He was examined by the attending DVM and was given a slim chance of survival. Sandy Grambort, equine co ordinator for the Humane Society of North Texas  starts a protocol acknowledged experts consider impossible, but she has technology they don’t understand and are not even aware of. In an almost unthinkable act she offers Simon as much as he can eat, and he takes her up on the offer.

Over four hundred pounds weight gain in 32 days, a world first. A healthy horse without complications, no digestive distress, no colic, laminitis, founder, nothing. For five days straight he ate at least 40lbs of feed per day

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