Maximus’ Road To Thrive

I brought Max down from a farm in Oklahoma to use as our farms breeding stallion. Max was 2 yrs. old and was your typical lanky, goofy looking teenage ClydesDale Moulton Stallion. Over a course of a year, Max became increasingly more popular and brought much business and attention to our farm and horses. We started studding Max to outside Mares and eventually had him trained to collect as the demand for shipped semen grew nationwide. However, there was a problem, Max started losing a lot of weight and no matter how much we fed him, it just didn’t seem to be putting on the weight needed. My concern for Max and his health became a priority.

I had known David Gray prior to getting Max and always heard him talk about this amazing feed he used, and the results you can get. I had seen pictures of rescue horses that he fed the feed too and I had heard others talk about it as well. I talked to David Gray about Max and his weight loss, and how I was becoming concerned there was a problem, and that since Max was a huge portion of our farm, I asked if he had any advice. David Gray told me to give Max Thrive Feed and let him eat it free choice, as mu h as he wanted. In my mind, I’m thinking “Free choice feeding a Clydesdale? You’ve got to be joking”. Draft horse diets are different and the regular horse feed bought at the feed store, wasn’t what their diets called for. So, my quest for answers and solutions began. The more I researched the feed and took the time to listen, I decided, what the heck, it’s worth a try. With show season coming up and Mares coming in for breeding, I grew worried that time would become an issue putting weight back on Max and we would miss out on his show.

I told David, “Ok, let’s get some and see what we can do”. David Gray and Dale Moulton both advised me to let Max eat as much as he wanted. I could literally feel my purse screaming! I was really sketchy about this, but I trusted David and Dale. Max was important. I have invested a lot of time, money and work into Max and his well-being was a major priority. So, the shoveling of Thrive Feed bags began. Max ate and ate and ate some more. For a month straight, Max easily ate 40-80lbs of feed per day! Come feeding time, I brought him in his stall away from the girls and poured in a couple of bags of feed. Max would eat for hours. His dreams of showers of unlimited food had come true. He was thrilled to death and I was worried. Over a course of a month, Max gained a significant amount of weight, his coat became shiny and soft, his energy level and playtime increased and his muscle mass was prominent. Max was worked 30 minutes every day on the lunge line to get him in shape for his show. I honestly thought after two weeks, that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off and get his weight back for show.

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After six weeks, it was show time. Max had put on probably 200-300 lbs. if not more. That lanky colt I had, GONE. Max’s whole look changed. When I took him to Oklahoma City to show him with all the draft horses, Max was a hit. I got numerous compliments on how amazing he looked, that as a 3 year old stud, he looked great. Max’s co-owner from Deerinwater Farms told me he looked like a completely different horse. Every night before the show, we worked on the Clydesdale trot I was looking for, I brushed him countless hours to be sure he was flawless and I spent a lot of time bathing, “dressing up” and became increasingly nervous about showing him. The big morning came. Max was cross tied in the breezeway of our stalls and waiting for us to go show. I noticed Max had become increasingly nervous too as he chowed down on an entire bag of Thrive Feed that morning in record time. He stood and waited very impatiently dressed up in his glamour. It’s time. Max and I went into the show ring and had lots of fans cheering us on. Max as usual strutted around like the whole world was there just to see him. Of course, I always reminded him, no matter what, your always #1 to me. Max brought home the Blue Ribbon. How proud I was for Max! WooHoo!

After I brought him home, Max settled down on eating us out of house and home. We easily maintain his weight on 8lbs of Thrive Feed per day. All of my mares and babies also get to eat the Thrive Feed. I can honestly say, I have not been disappointed by my babies who have been born, they are healthy, shiny and strong. We take in private rescues and all of our rescues get Thrive Feed as well. When they go to their new homes, they all are healthy and look great.

I really did question if Dale Moulton and David Gray were crazy telling me to feed my pampered horse as much as he wanted. My thoughts were, will he colic? Will he founder? Will he really gain all this weight? Will it be everything they say it is? Well, I got my questions answered in the RESULTS. Max has grown and matured so much. I’m proud he is my boy and I do not regret the gamble I took feeding Max unlimited Thrive Feed. I would do it again for any of my horses and not blink an eyelash. I am 100% happy with the results I got and I followed the plan just like Dale and David told me and I can say, it worked. If you need more proof than that, please come visit my farm and see it yourself.

Thank you Dale Moulton and David Gray for everything you do!

All my best-

Jessica Mueller and Renaissance Prince Maxton AKA “Maximus”.


Moonlight Thunder LLC is located in Tuscola, TX. We raise & breed ClydesDale Moultons, show horses, take private rescues, offer trick training, lessons, and consignments. We hold trick training clinics and also offer free military riding lessons. We have boarding and also maintain a small group of llamas.

Our main focus is ClydesDale Moulton breeding and we do offer our Stallion, Renaissance Prince Maxon AKA “Maximus” to all breeds of mares, even grade. Maximus’s stud fee is $350.00 LFG and Mare Care is $6/per day. We offer AI services and AI on farm also. Our barn is equipped with 5 stalls, 1 large stall (for birthing/stallions), a tack/feed room, a hay area, a full equipped “man cave saloon” complete with cable and tool room. Our farm also has a riding arena, round pen, wash rack, breeding stock, three separate turnouts, 10 acres in pasture and a tank.

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