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Powerful results when nothing else works

My focus is on optimizing nutrient absorption to support a lifetime of optimum health and vitality. Powerful nutritional support allows horses to self-heal, and perform at the peak of their physical capabilities. From re-building starved horses, to fueling Americas top Endurance riders demanding peak exertion for 100 miles of fast paced competition. One feed, no supplements, easy and effective, with real results you can count on. Are you having trouble getting my product?  Ask your local feed supplier to stock Thrive Feed.

The most important equine health product you may ever purchase. I guarantee results or your money back.


Major benefits for you.
Amazing benefits for your horse.

Vastly superior results, supporting abundant natural health. Paying close attention to how horses eat when not interfered with by man answers my questions. My research confirms raw grains and grain by-products are not appropriate for horses and never have been. The concept with Thrive Feed is to mimic an ultimately potent forage food source. The nutritional support this concept supplies surpassed my greatest expectations. This product is truly exceptional. Reports from America and Britain confirm phenomenal results previously thought impossible.


Thrive Feed is 100% tested on horses.
My Horses, my best friends.

I love my horses, I feed them myself, train them myself, ride them and adore them. They test my feed every day, and they love their job. I watch their every move and know them intimately. They are healthy and content, and don’t suffer from any of the issues associated with normal horse feeds. They live on unimproved pasture, yet maintain their weight effortlessly. Avalon is the longest eater of Thrive Feed (7 years), then Zak, Ace, Honey and Boss. They all have stories to tell, and are all content to work as feed testers. They will all be on YouTube in the future so you can see for yourself how they “Thrive”.


Nothing like normal horse feed.
Results that will astound you.

If nothing else, you owe it to your horse to investigate Thrive Feed and find out the truth. There is a network of thousands of people using Thrive Feed to support you along the way: you are never alone. Check out Heather from Rainbow Meadows Ranch in Sedan KS, and Simon from the Humane Society of North Texas. Two of the hundreds of incredible recovery examples. Hard Keepers are not hard to get solid muscle on, even in winter. The answer to your problems is in the bag, and it’s effortless to use, I guarantee it.

Extraordinary Results.


PerformanceInternationally respected super-horseman, Guy McLean demands agility, focus, performance, and sustained energy during his grueling liberty show performance schedule around America. His horses are Thrive Feed success stories. He uses Thrive Feed because he trusts me with his precious horses health.
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PleasureThe satisfaction of having a reliable mount trail riding, exploring, and experiencing the magic of sharing your life with a horse. A calm, relaxed, and sound horse is everyones goal. Knowing you are doing the right thing by your horse at feed time and not hurting them inside is a very satisfying feeling.  Read More

Rescue Rehab

RescueRescue horses respond rapidly when fed Thrive Feed free choice during recovery from starvation. The is no re-feeding syndrome and horses that would take 7 to 10 months to recover are back to normal weight in 4 to five weeks. The Worlds equine rehab leaders always rely on Thrive Feed for their astounding results. Nothing is as safe or effective.  Read More



TrainingThe most overlooked aspect of training is the profound advantage appropriate nutrition achieves. Thrive Feed supports the calm responsiveness enjoyed by quality trainers, and allows the progression of a new and empowering skill set to occur at an increased rate.  Read More

Super Foals

SuperFoalsThrive Feed supports results that are outstanding in the repro world. Fundamental logic demands that if you want to build something outstanding you have to use outstanding raw materials. That is what these foals are made from.  Read More


AmazingResultsGunnar and Alanna Frank compete at the elite level of endurance rides, 100 miles. Fifty mile rides at a gallop with reserve energy. Consistently winning best condition horse on these grueling 50 and 100 mile rides. These champions attribute the condition and performance capabilities of their horses to Thrive Feed.  Read More

Why Choose Thrive Feed?

The feed decisions you make will affect your horses quality of life and also how long they remain useful and active. Make your horse healthy from the inside out. In the years to come you will reap the benefits of feeding nutrition that makes sense to a horses digestive system. When your horse is happy, calm, and content, everyone’s happy.

  • Unique results you can trust.
  • Highest quality pure ingredients.
  • Free Choice Capable. Incredibly safe.
  • Backed up by personal support.